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A mezzanine floor, also known as a mezzanine or mezzanine floor, is the middle floor in a building, usually built on the ground floor and the one floor above. These floors are often used to create additional space for various purposes such as storage, office, retail or manufacturing. Mezzanine floors can be divided into different types according to their structure, use and design.

Freestanding Mezzanine Floors

These mezzanines are self-supporting structures and do not depend on the existing structure of the building for support. Freestanding mezzanines are often used in warehouses, factories or distribution centers that require additional storage or office space.

Rack Supported Mezzanine Floors

Rack-supported mezzanines use existing pallet racking systems to support the mezzanine structure. This type of mezzanine creates vertical space and is often used in warehouses to create additional storage space above existing shelving.

Structural Mezzanine Floors

The mezzanine system is designed to withstand heavier loads by supporting columns or beams. They are suitable for applications that require greater carrying capacity, such as factories or factories.

Office Mezzanine Floors

Office mezzanine floors are designed specifically to create additional office space within a building. They are often constructed with modular office components and can include features such as partition walls, doors, windows, and HVAC systems.